One on One with Roger Beale, the New Rideau View Head Golf Professional
January 24, 2022

Rideau View Golf Club proudly announced the appointment of Roger Beale as its new Head Golf Professional in November. Beale emerged as the successful candidate from a national search and brings proven experience in the areas of managerial skills, teaching, world-class playing ability and a passion for the game.


He benefited from a multi-national upbringing. Beale’s father is from Barbados and his mother from Shawville in the Ottawa Valley. Beale grew up in both places and got his start in golf at Sandy Lane Golf Club in Barbados where his father and other dads organized a junior program for a dozen kids.


After moving back to Canada in the summers, Beale played at Sand Point in Arnprior and learned from Ottawa Valley legend Harry Hereford.


He attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. After turning pro, he had a couple of top 10 finishes at the Canadian PGA Assistants Championship in 2003 and 2006. He played the Canadian Tour in 2005 and represented Barbados in the 2006 World Cup of Golf.


He won the 2011 PGA Club Professional Championship of Canada, riding seven birdies on his way to a final-round 67.


He worked at Ottawa-area clubs for 10 years (he was the CPGA Ottawa Zone Assistant of the Year in 2009) before returning to Barbados in 2011 to become the Director of Golf at Royal Westmoreland Golf Club in St. James. He coached the Barbados National Team from 2012-15, culminating with a trip to the Pan-Am Games.


He was the Club Manager of the Apes Hill Club in St. James before returning to Canada in 2020. He comes to Rideau View after working at Greyhawk Golf Club and The Marshes Golf Club during the past two years.


Rideau View’s golf insider, Chris Stevenson, sat down with Rideau View’s new pro for a Q&A as he prepared to build on the legacy of those who went before him. That seemed like a good place to start.


What about this opportunity at Rideau View stands out for you?


“It’s exciting for me because the club is so well respected and has a great heritage with Paul Sherratt. If I can add to that legacy, that would be great. Hopefully, I can help continue that tradition and the great golfing heritage that has defined Rideau View for many, many years. If I can contribute to that, that would be awesome.”


You mentioned junior golf. Given your own experience growing up with the game, how important is it to help the club’s junior program thrive?

“I have a lot of time for the junior program. That’s how I got into the game. It was from a basic junior program but it had a lot of passion behind it. It’s a ‘rest-is-history type’ thing. One of the dads was an elementary school teacher and a scratch golfer. My dad was the fundraiser. Raffles and stuff. I was one of 12 juniors and all 12 still play golf. We still play together a dozen times a year and all the guys can still break 80, no problem. It hammers home the point of good fundamentals when you’re young. It really pays off!


“I moved to Canada and was at Sand Point with Harry Hereford. They had a fairly basic junior program, but a good teacher with a lot of passion behind it and they gave us access to the course, so that was good. When you learn at a young age, the biomechanics are there. When you’re that young, the golf club kind of swings you, you don’t swing the golf club. The forces involved kind of take care of that.”


How have your experiences prepared you for this opportunity at Rideau View?

“I’ve been very fortunate to have some really cool jobs and meet some amazing people. I’m sure I’ll continue to do that at Rideau View so, needless to say, I am super excited. I’ve learned a great deal from the members of the clubs I have worked at and I like to think I’ve created a good rapport with them as well.”


You’re an accomplished player. How can that aspect of your resume help the members at Rideau View?

“I certainly understand the competitive mindset for a golfer, what you need to do to be successful and the pathway or the road map to get there. I haven’t really had time to focus on my golf game in the last five years. It just hasn’t


worked out. At Rideau View, there are a lot of people who like to play and I believe that golfing with members is an important part of the pro’s job. I am sure that will naturally get my game back to where it should be. I enjoy the competitive side and I understand it. So it is super exciting to have 130+ male and female Class A golfers. Hopefully, we can do some really cool things at the club and continue to do well at the Intersectionals. Who doesn’t like to be associated with winners and greatness?”


What is your strength as a player?

“The biggest gift that I have is a little bit of amnesia, you know? I don’t tend to let stuff fester. I’m not without emotion but I learned the hard way that you have to let stuff go and get back on the horse as quick as possible.”


How does it feel to be back in one of your hometowns, even if it’s the snowy one?

“I always enjoyed playing golf up here. I feel comfortable with Ottawa. It has some big city attributes but it’s still pretty much a small town, which is nice. It has a blend of both. I was away for 10 years and I’m looking forward to an amazing 2022, for sure.”


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