R ecognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Golf Courses by SCOREGolf Magazine, Rideau View provides golfers with a challenging yet fair test of golf, set within an oasis of rural tranquility.

A well manicured championship golf course with rolling
terrain and spectacular vistas, Rideau View offers a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.

With six sets of tees ranging from 4,970 yards to 7,000 yards, the course is playable for golfers of all skill levels.

For the past 10 years, Rideau View has retained the services of noted Canadian golf architect, Ian Andrew, to oversee and advise on both minor and major projects to continually
improve the golf course each and every year.

Old friends returning to Rideau View marvel at how beautifully the
course has matured. Years of tree planting, a complete bunker
renovation and excellent turf-care practices have sculpted and
nurtured a truly challenging championship golf course.
Brad Fritsch, PGA TOUR player

Hole 1

A reasonably short par 5, the "opener" plays into the prevailing wind, with a tee shot shaped by two fairway bunkers on the left side. The landing area for the second shot is highlighted with a cross-bunker 90 yards from this very small green.


Black: 524 yards
Blue: 505 yards
White: 491 yards
Green: 469 yards
Red: 412 yards
Gold: 412 yards

Hole 2

A short par 4 that turns slightly left. Challenging the two large fairway bunkers on the left will leave a short iron to the green.


Black: 385 yards
Blue: 360 yards
White: 333 yards
Green: 304 yards
Red: 304 yards
Gold: 304 yards

Hole 3

Two bunkers define the end of the landing area for your tee shot on this sharp dogleg right. A severely sloping green puts a premium on keeping the ball under the hole. A two-putt is good!


Black: 395 yards
Blue: 372 yards
White: 352 yards
Green: 331 yards
Red: 331 yards
Gold: 278 yards

Hole 4

A straight-up par 3 requiring a short to mid iron shot. The prevailing crosswind can add some surprises with a hidden bunker on the right.


Black: 161 yards
Blue: 152 yards
White: 138 yards
Green: 127 yards
Red: 127 yards
Gold: 127 yards

Hole 5

This strong par 4 requires length and accuracy off the tee. Fairway bunkers protect a hazard on the left and out-of-bounds runs the length of the hole on the right. Getting to the green requires a precise long iron or fairway wood into the prevailing wind.


Black: 446 yards
Blue: 416 yards
White: 379 yards
Green: 335 yards
Red: 295 yards
Gold: 295 yards

Hole 6

218 from the back tees, this par 3 has a pond that protects the front of the green. This hole's biggest challenge can be negotiating a difficult-to-read green.


Black: 218 yards
Blue: 166 yards
White: 152 yards
Green: 114 yards
Red: 114 yards
Gold: 114 yards

Hole 7

A great dogleg right with an elevated back tee that provides a great view. Two large fairway bunkers protect the inside of the dogleg. A very small green is protected by two large greenside bunkers and out-of-bounds behind.


Black: 437 yards
Blue: 373 yards
White: 350 yards
Green: 302 yards
Red: 302 yards
Gold: 252 yards

Hole 8

A slight uphill par 4, the landing area narrows considerably at the fairway bunkers, requiring a precise tee shot. A bunker hides the left side of the green - a very tricky green awaits!


Black: 389 yards
Blue: 374 yards
White: 362 yards
Green: 245 yards
Red: 293 yards
Gold: 293 yards

Hole 9

One of Rideau View's signature holes, #9 made the "toughest 18 holes on the Canadian Tour" in 1995. A difficult driving hole from an elevated tee, includes three well-positioned fairway bunkers. A deceptively uphill approach shot requires extreme precision to a green which some would say is diabolical. Par is a great score here!


Black: 383 yards
Blue: 367 yards
White: 353 yards
Green: 336 yards
Red: 336 yards
Gold: 287 yards

Hole 10

A soft opening hole to the back 9, #10 plays downwind to a fairly flat green. Long hitters can reach this par 5 with a mid to long iron. Eagle is a possibility - unless one of the two deep greenside bunkers catches your approach shot.


Black: 492 yards
Blue: 471 yards
White: 465 yards
Green: 440 yards
Red: 428 yards
Gold: 428 yards

Hole 11

This hole is generally regarded as our most elusive par. The green is well protected by sand and the tee shot is typically played into a crosswind from the left. Par is always a good score here. #11 starts a stretch of six holes where par will be a challenge!


Black: 197 yards
Blue: 184 yards
White: 170 yards
Green: 156 yards
Red: 142 yards
Gold: 142 yards

Hole 12

#12 requires a well placed drive to avoid the bunker right and a challenging lie in the rough left. The approach shot then plays uphill to a green with very subtle breaks that are a challenge to read.


Black: 421 yards
Blue: 366 yards
White: 327 yards
Green: 321 yards
Red: 321 yards
Gold: 275 yards

Hole 13

A very generous fairway is deceptively guarded by a lateral hazard left and a well-placed fairway bunker right. Even long hitters will be left with a long approach shot to a small elevated green with deep bunkers left and front right.


Black: 426 yards
Blue: 407 yards
White: 395 yards
Green: 381 yards
Red: 381 yards
Gold: 381 yards

Hole 14

Another long par 4 with two fairway bunkers on the right. Even if it is playing downwind, the well-protected elevated green requires a precise mid to long iron approach shot.


Black: 420 yards
Blue: 404 yards
White: 388 yards
Green: 346 yards
Red: 306 yards
Gold: 306 yards

Hole 15

Club selection on this par 3 is key, as the tee shot is played from an elevated tee, across the valley into the prevailing wind.


Black: 185 yards
Blue: 174 yards
White: 153 yards
Green: 138 yards
Red: 138 yards
Gold: 95 yards

Hole 16

Rideau View's longest par 5. The tee shot must carry a creek crossing the fairway - the further left the drive, the longer the carry. The second shot normally requires a layup to a second creek. Longer hitters may attempt to carry the creek, leaving a short pitch shot to a green protected by three bunkers.


Black: 572 yards
Blue: 549 yards
White: 503 yards
Green: 467 yards
Red: 422 yards
Gold: 422 yards

Hole 17

The shortest par 4 on the back 9 still requires a well-placed tee shot to a well-bunkered fairway. A short iron approach to a deceptively flat green provides an excellent birdie opportunity.


Black: 377 yards
Blue: 343 yards
White: 302 yards
Green: 302 yards
Red: 255 yards
Gold: 255 yards

Hole 18

The closing hole is a straightaway par 5 to an elevated green backed by the patios and clubhouse. A short iron approach shot to the smallest green on the golf course requires precision to avoid the spectacular hillside bunkering on the right and the left.


Black: 585 yards
Blue: 507 yards
White: 484 yards
Green: 416 yards
Red: 416 yards
Gold: 403 yards

Reciprocal Privileges

Membership at Rideau View includes the benefit of reciprocal privileges at a large number of golf clubs in North America as well as Bermuda and New Zealand. These clubs include tier 1 (no additional charge) and tier 2 (additional charges apply). Please refer to our reciprocal privileges document for a list of included golf courses as well as fees.

Please note that a request must be submitted in writing prior to your visit. All requests should be submitted to our Head Golf Professional, Paul Sherratt, at psherratt@rideauview.com.


The members of Rideau View and their guests have the benefit of a great practice facility to work on their game:

The Practice Facility has five distinct specialty areas:

  • 7,500 sq ft Putting Green,

  • Chipping Area,

  • Driving Range,

  • Pitching Range, and

  • Practice bunker for both greenside and fairway bunker shots.

Located directly in front of the Pro Shop and only steps from the 1st and 10th tees, the facility provides outstanding convenience for a pregame warm up, or for complete practice of all aspects of the game of golf.



"Vision 2020 represents our long-term goal which will be achieved upon one of our High Performance players representing Canada in the Summer Olympics."
- Matt Robinson, Director of Instruction and Program Development

Statistically, the average Olympic athlete reaches the world stage after a 10-year/10000 hour commitment to excellence. In 2010 the concept of Vision 2020 was born. We will utilize the tools, information and Best Practices we have adopted from world leaders in Long Term Athletic Development to nurture the athlete and provide them with the guidance, support and environment where they can truly test their individual athletic and personal potential.

Vision 2020 includes programs and coaching tracks for both Juniors and Adults, males and females, novices and internationally competitive athletes. Regardless of YOUR personal goals and ambitions there is a coaching track that is designed for YOU to attain and fulfill YOUR goals.

It is interesting to note that the Robinson/Sherratt long standing approach to Junior Golf development has paralleled many of the philosophies that have only recently come to light through the latest research. Industry leaders have gathered data and findings over the last ten years from experts around the world in diverse fields which have only now quantified our approach.

Our instincts were correct.



The Vision 2020 Adult Clinics will focus on key fundamentals such as grip, alignment, ball position and posture. We will encourage our students to gain an understanding of the right set up for them in all facets of the game including chipping, pitching, putting, sand play and of course, the full swing. We begin each clinic with "The Completion Drill" which is a holistic way to learn the golf swing in one simple step. Within clinics, or minutes, you will have developed a natural and balanced swing.

The Vision 2020 Adult Clinics serve as great introduction to the game of golf for the adult looking for a refresher course as well as picking up a club for the first time. We will introduce you to the methods and tactics we feel provide the best learning experience and also explain how our various adult specific programs could benefit you and your game.

The Vision 2020 Adult Clinics are free of charge and take place Wednesday mornings from 11:30am to 12:15pm during May and June.

2014 Dates: May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25


The Vision 2020 Practice Club is designed for the developing player looking to improve their shot making skills and tactics ON the course. We encourage the player to discover the necessary shot making skills to play creative golf by experiencing the situations ON the course. There is particular emphasis on the short game and its importance to scoring. The player will also gain an understanding of mental skills and disciplines to play their best under any condition.

The Vision 2020 Practice Club meets Wednesday mornings at 8:30am during May and June

2014 Dates: May 22, May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19, June 26


These intensive 1-day camps for Men have a 3:1 student/coach ratio. A TPI fitness screen is included in our morning session. The rest of the morning training session will focus on key fundamentals in the full swing as well as understanding ideal technique in all facets of the short game. All participants will have a swing analysis on the TRACKMAN Performance Studio. After lunch and a warm up we will proceed to the golf course to play 9 holes. Each gentleman will be provided with an assessment of their game in report form and at days end will have an understanding of the type of training required to take their game to the next level.

2014 Dates: May 13th and May 27th


The Vision 2020 Junior Clinics serve as a great introduction to the game of golf for your child. Paul Sherratt will host a presentation at 3:00pm on May 24 that introduces parents to the methods and tactics we feel provide the best learning environment for the child. This presentation to parents is an important step in understanding the Vision 2020 Junior Program. Our staff will introduce your child to the game of golf through the form of active play. The swing is learned in a one step manner as we begin each clinic with "The Completion Drill." Within clinics, or, minutes, your child will have developed the early forms of their own "Olympian" swing

The Junior Clinics are free of charge and take place on May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20, and June 27. Must register with Matt Robinson. Times to be announced


In our popular Junior Golf Camp, the morning training sessions focus on learning key swing fundamentals through games and active play. During the afternoons, each participant will have the opportunity to play at least 9 holes of golf each day on our golf course. Each participant will play with one of our professionals at least once during the week. 2015 Date: July 6-10


The Vision 2020 Core Program focuses on Fundamental Movement Skills. The goals of the program are to nurture a love for the game of golf, embrace the principles it teaches, and for the game of golf to be involved in the students' lives long term - as a recreational golfer, competitive golfer, or perhaps, a future Olympian. Participants in this program meet 1.5 hours per week on Monday evenings from May to September. Upon completion of the program, it is expected that all Fundamental Movement Skills have been acquired at an advanced level which provides the athlete with a base to learn Fundamental Sport Specific Skills (GOLF). The Core Program begins May 19th at 6:30pm and runs to September 15th.


This Peak Coaching Program is designed for the developing player looking to play competitive golf. It is an athlete-centered program that encourages the player to discover the necessary shot making skills to play creative golf. The player will gain an understanding of mental skills and disciplines to play their best under tournament conditions. An examination of the basic rules of golf, 2 hours of weekly on-course training, 1 hour weekly supervised practice sessions, tournament evaluation, on-going equipment testing and state of the art Video/Ball Flight analysis (TRACKMAN) are encompassed to sufficiently support the new competitive golfer. The PEAK Program meets twice per week, and begins May 22 and runs to August 27.


The Seasonal Coaching Program is a 5-month program commitment that encompasses many facets of the game leading to improved tournament performance. Individual swing technique and mechanics, equipment evaluations, tournament preparation and performance tactics, and focus on short game proficiency are covered during the season. The program is intended for those golfers who are interested in testing their game under the scrutiny of tournament conditions and who must be committed to self improvement both on and off the course. Enrollment in this program is limited and a player/family interview is required prior to registration.


The Annual Coaching Program is a 10-month goal driven program that encompasses all facets of the game including swing technique and mechanics, fitness, equipment evaluations, and in depth statistical analysis of short game proficiency. This program has been designed for those who are truly committed to self improvement and have the desire to be a nationally competitive athlete. Athletes will have group sessions as well as a personalized program tailored to their individual needs.


The Perfect Venue, The Perfect Result

In addition to golf, Rideau View members and their guests have an opportunity to have a “pre-game meal” or relax after a round in one of our four dining facilities:

  • Enjoy the view looking down the 18th hole from our 60-seat, two tiered patio;
  • Cozy up to the bar or settle into a comfortable chair in our new pub, overlooking the 9th green;
  • Have a quick sandwich or a 5-course gourmet meal in our main dining room, overlooking the patios and 18th hole; or
  • Book a romantic meal for two or a family celebration in our private dining room.

Facility Rentals

Rideau View Golf Club is an ideal choice for weddings, personal celebrations, corporate banquets, business meetings and trade shows.

From cocktail parties to barbecues to multi-course gourmet meals with wine pairings, Rideau View can do it all.

  • Our Fallen Oak pub seats 60ppl with an amazing atmosphere
  • Two exterior greenside patios provide stellar views down the 18th fairway
  • The Turret Room is perfect for a business meeting or a private dinner looking over our 18th green
  • The View Clubhouse is an excellent venue for large events and weddings




As featured on SCOREGolf TV, Rideau View members play one of the Top 100 golf courses in Canada!

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated Greens Staff, Rideau View was voted “the Best Conditioned Golf Course in the Ottawa Valley” by the readers of Flagstick Magazine.

The Golf Course has six sets of tees from 4,970 yards to 7,000 yards, ensuring the course is playable for all levels of golfers, and with a slope rating from the championship tees of 133, Rideau View is a challenge for even the best players.

Rideau View members have access to an extensive set of Practice Facilities, including a full length driving range, a short game range, a large practice bunker, a 7,500 square foot putting green plus a chipping area.

Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art Golfer Development Centre, our staff of Award-winning PGA of Canada Golf Professionals can work with you in any weather to help lower your score.

Membership at Rideau View includes the benefit of Reciprocal Golf Privileges with over 70 private golf clubs in Canada, the USA, Bermuda and New Zealand.

Commonly recognized as having one of the top Junior Programs in Canada, our golf professionals offer a series of programs to meet the needs of our Juniors every step of the way.

Rideau View members enjoy excellent food and beverage service in an informal and friendly social environment, thanks to our Professional Food and Beverage Team.

Located just 2 miles south of the town of Manotick, Rideau View is an easy 10 - 20 minute drive from the communities of Barrhaven, Riverside South, and Osgoode Township.

Rideau View is the private club of choice for singles, couples, families or juniors who are passionate about golf and enjoy a casual, friendly clubhouse atmosphere.


As you may know, Rideau View is first and foremost a "Golfers' Golf Club". The golf course and practice facilities are our top priority. The golf course is currently rated #81 in Canada by SCOREGolf Magazine, #70 in Canada by Canadian Golf Magazine and #34 in Ontario by the Ontario Professional Golfers Association. Three years ago, we completed construction of a new, state-of-the-art Teaching and Club Fitting Centre to facilitate the many coaching programs provided by our award-winning golf professionals.

We are also recognized as having one of the leading Junior Golf programs in the country.




On October 23, 1955 a group of 20 golf enthusiasts met in Ottawa at the home of Jack Snow, to discuss building a golf club for the Jewish community. Several more “parlour” meetings took place, and on September 18, 1956 the first annual general meeting of the Rideau View Country Club took place. At that historic meeting, 66 men made the formal decision to build a golf club. A ladies’ association was established in 1957.

Several committees were formed and swung into operation. A 200-acre parcel of land near Manotick, Ontario was purchased, and several prominent businessmen volunteered their time, expertise and business acumen to make the venture a success. Charter members were those who joined before August 1, 1957.


2012 SCOREGolf Top 100 Award
2013 Top 100 Award from the new CANADIAN GOLF MAGAZINE


2007 Ottawa PGA Junior Leader of the Year
2011 Ottawa PGA Teacher of the Year
2012 CHEO Foundation 'Order of the Good Bear' Recipient
2012 Ottawa PGA Junior Leader of the Year


2012 Pro Shop Magazine Best Food & Beverage Manager


1990 Score Award - Canada's Top Golf Professional
1995 Score Award - Canada's Top Golf Professional
1998 Ottawa PGA Teacher of the Year
1999-2000 President, Canadian PGA
2000 Ottawa PGA Merchandiser of the Year
2003 Ottawa PGA Junior Leader of the Year
2005 Ottawa PGA Junior Leader of the Year
2005 Jack McLaughlin Award, Canada's top Junior Leader/Coach
2012 Ottawa PGA Club Pro of the Year

Attire on and off the golf course should be of acceptable, smart casual style. Acceptable attire on the golf course includes:

  • Short or long sleeve golf shirt with collar;
  • Golf shirts may be worn untucked, if they have a finished hem that is the same length front and back;
  • Sleeveless golf shirt with collar (women only);
  • Collarless golf shirt with sleeves (women only);
  • Short or long sleeve mock neck shirts;
  • Regular length golf slacks;
  • Golf shorts of an appropriate length;
  • Cargo shorts and cargo pants;
  • Golf skirts of an appropriate length;
  • Sockettes with shorts or skirts.

Smart casual and clean denim are acceptable in all areas of the Clubhouse. If you have any questions or uncertainty concerning the Dress Code, please ask the member who is bringing you to our club.

General Manager:
Steve Ducat
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 102
Email: gm@rideauview.com

Head Professional:
Paul Sherratt
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 103
Email: paulsherratt@rideauview.com

Course Superintendent:
Gordon MacMillan
Telephone: 613.692-3477
Email: gmacmillan@rideauview.com

Clubhouse Manager
Jason Walmark
Telephone: 613.692.3442 ext 112
Email: fb@rideauview.com
Twitter: @rideauviewgolf

Director of Instruction & Program Development:
Matt Robinson
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 140
Email: mattyray1@gmail.com

Assistant Superintendent:
Curt Porteous
Telephone: 613.692-3477
Email: cporteous@rideauview.com

Accounts Manager:
Andrea Barnum
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 101
Email: admin@rideauview.com

Apprentice Professional:
Tim Sewter
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 140
Email: timsewter@rideauview.com

Pro Shop Accounts:
John Cummings
Telephone: 613.692-3442, Ext. 140
Email: johncummings@rideauview.com

6044 Rideau Valley Dr North
Manotick, Ontario K4M 1B3

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Office: 692-3442
Fax: 692-1632
Turf Care Center: 692-3477
Pro Shop: 692-3442, x 140
Starter: 692-0897
Dining Room/Bar: 692-3442, x 118
Ladies Locker Room: 692-3442, x 114
Mens Locker Room: 692-3442, x 115
Off Season - Office: 692-3442